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Pawsitive Points Acupuncture provides mobile veterinary acupuncture to pets in and around the San Antonio area. We are pleased to offer the wonderful benefits of acupuncture to your pet in the comfort of your home.

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We are able to customize your pet’s treatment based on their personality and health concerns.

This is the classic acupuncture practice of inserting needles into acupuncture points throughout the body along the 12 meridians.

This technique combines dry needle acupuncture with low level electricity to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis.

This technique combines dry needle acupuncture with the addition of moxa sticks to warm the acupuncture points.

This technique involves the injection of a liquid (typically Vitamin B) into the acupuncture points for prolonged effect and is great for animals who may not sit still for longer periods of time.


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What People Say

Isabella Robinson

Dr. Hopes has done an amazing job with my senior pet Xena (13, female). She has gone above and beyond to ensure that she is comfortable, healthy, and happy. Previously Xena has suffered from a range of conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, restlessness ( & not sleeping well), and just seemed to be in pain. With the acupuncture treatments, Xena is visibly happier, calm, and more comfortable...It fills my heart with joy. I can't recommend or thank Dr. Hopes enough for helping my girl!

Michael Johnson

I had the wonderful experience of getting acupuncture done on my chunky senior pittie, Mozzarella. Dr. Hopes did a fantastic job of explaining everything that she was doing and making sure Mozzie and myself were comfortable! I definitely think it made a difference in how my sweet girl felt and I would definitely do it again, and recommend Pawsitive Acupuncture to anyone else with senior, arthritic, or really any dog! I didn’t think my deaf dog could sleep any harder, I was wrong! 🙂

Joy Neimeier

My mini Aussie was suffering from arthritis and Dr. Hopes worked wonders using acupuncture. I will take my other dogs for this treatment in a heartbeat. It's painless and not invasive. Thank you, Dr. Hopes!

Lauren Gyorgy

Dr. Hopes made a house call for my 14 year old basset, Edgar. Edgar is 70 lbs and has mobility issues/arthritis in his back legs. Dr. Hopes spent so much time loving on Edgar and making sure he was comfortable that he slept through most of the acupuncture! She also taught me some helpful massage tips to help Ed in between treatments. We are excited to see how acupuncture helps Edgar and HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hopes!

Tara Click

I have worked with several veterinarians in my career. Dr. Hopes is the most knowledgeable and compassionate veterinarian I have ever worked with.

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